Review: Wanbo T2 Max or how to get a great Android FullHD video projector at the best price


A compact, fullHD video projector with an Android system from a brand from the Xiaomi ecosystem at a price of less than €130? Possible? Yes.
Here is the review of the Wanbo T2 Max mini projector which could well become the best entry price video projector of 2021.

A video review on Youtube of the Wanbo T2 MAX is online.

It is about the latest international version of this small smart videoprojector. You can now see it “in real life” addition to this written test. Consider to subscribe at our Channel.

Wanbo, Xiaomi Ecosystem

Wanbo is a brand within Xiaomi’s sphere of influence and you can feel it. The T2 MAX video projector, although first price, is very well finished.

The Wanbo T2 MAX projector is delivered very well protected in a double packaging.

The package is at the level of the product, well finished and attractive with lovely pictures.

Inside the box you will find the beamer, an infra-red remote control, a 19V DC jack power adapter and a double pole CE power cable.

A design that changes

The Wanbo T2 Max is a break from all those first price LED beamers that take up a lot of space like the Vankio Performance V600 i reviewed on

It only measures 150 x 140 x 110 mm and weights 900 grams.
It is therefore very easy to carry with you or to store after usage.

At the front is a large lens.

A knob on top allows to adjust the focus. It is not lost over usage.

Only one button is present to start/stop the device.

All controls are therefore operated via the remote control. It is a radio one means you have not to target the projector.

The connectivity is located at the back. It is very fair with

  • One USB-2 port compatible with memory flash drives, external disk or mouse
  • One HDMI input that supports HDMI 4K 2.0 for an external videoplayer, cosole or computer
  • One audio output Jack
  • One DC jack port for power supply.

There is an LED for status indication.

Nice fan grids are visible on the front and rear of the projector.

The WANBO T2 MAX features a 2 * 3 Watt stereo amplification which can be noticed through its side speakers.

This projector can easily be placed on a tripod thanks to a standard screw hole underneath. Four glides are also provided if you place it on a table.

3.8 Total Score

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