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New vacuum cleaner Robot Xiaomi Viomi V3, the sterilization air purifier in addition

While the Xiaomi Viaomi vacuum cleaner in its second PRO version continues to be sold and remains one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners of the moment my test in French), Viomi launches a third generation. Yet another new model, you may say, ...

TICWRIS GTS, a body thermometer in every smartwatch

Last week I discovered the LEMFO T1, an entry-level smartwatch that measures your body temperature. It turns out that this LEMFO model is already old and has exploited the current situation to put itself back on the spot. While looking in ...

Redmi Band, the new entry level Smartband by Xiaomi

XIAOMI is soon to lauch a new smartband under its Low-Cost REDMI sub-brand. It's is REDMI BAND and competes with its best-selling MI BAND 4 for a lower price. It wld be in CHINA 99 Yuans (13 of Euros). It will soon be available in Europe for us in ...

Welcome on Planetroid, a new blog for exaustive tests and deals

Who is Planetroid and what it is about ? Planetroid is a new website with a blog approach i set up to share with you cool tech product reviews, mostly the one that few people write about. I want you to discover new brands that proposes good ...

FULCRUM MNIBOT1, a new 3D printer for children

3D printing has become so simple it is accessible to the youngest. That's my opinion, and last year I had the opportunity to test on my French Website Planete Numerique one of the first models of this kind, the Creality CR100. This printer ...

Hot News

News: Xiaomi unveils its Redmi Note 9S, 4 cameras, Snapgragon 720G and price still as fair as ever

Here's an announcement today that would have in another international environment a major interest: the launch of a new mid-range smartphone by Xiaomi through its subsidiary REDMI, the REDMI 9S. This smartphone replaces the REDMI NOTE 8 and REDMI ...

Hot News

News: 360 S6 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner, more silence, more autonomy and a remote controler as bonus

In the field of robotic vacuum cleaners a brand that I highly appreciate is +360 or more precisely Qihoo +360. This brand has succeeded in entering the robotic vacuum cleaner market with products with high functionality but at prices among the ...