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TICWRIS GTS, a body thermometer in every smartwatch

Last week I discovered the LEMFO T1, an entry-level smartwatch that measures your body temperature. It turns out that this LEMFO model is already old and has exploited the current situation to put itself back on the spot. While looking in ...

Redmi Band, the new entry level Smartband by Xiaomi

XIAOMI is soon to lauch a new smartband under its Low-Cost REDMI sub-brand. It's is REDMI BAND and competes with its best-selling MI BAND 4 for a lower price. It wld be in CHINA 99 Yuans (13 of Euros). It will soon be available in Europe for us in ...

FIMI PALM, the 3-axis 4K stabilized handheld camera now available

The XIAOMI FIMI PALM handheld camera is available for 174€80 at Gearbest. It is the direct competitor of the DJI Osmo Pocket camera at a price almost two times cheaper without any particular concession. And what could be more logical that ...

News: Xiaomi unveils its Redmi Note 9S, 4 cameras, Snapgragon 720G and price still as fair as ever

Here's an announcement today that would have in another international environment a major interest: the launch of a new mid-range smartphone by Xiaomi through its subsidiary REDMI, the REDMI 9S. This smartphone replaces the REDMI NOTE 8 and REDMI ...

Review: MU6 Space 2 noise-cancelling headphones. Against leaders Sony and Bose what’s it worth?

Just like the market for ultra-lightweight Airpods, the market for noise reducing smart headphones is booming. Bose with QC35 and Sony with WH-1000XM3 are setting the standard. Both manufacturers have succeeded in creating ergonomic devices that ...