New vacuum cleaner Robot Xiaomi Viomi V3, the sterilization air purifier in addition


While the Xiaomi Viaomi vacuum cleaner in its second PRO version continues to be sold and remains one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners of the moment my test in French), Viomi launches a third generation.

Yet another new model, you may say, and you’ll be right. There is a lack of real innovations in this area. From one generation to the next, whatever the brand, these improvements are useful but not essential.

So what does Viomi, Xiaomi’s partner brand, have to offer for this new generation?

We don’t change a winning team

No major changes in design or functional concept. The {{Viomi V3}} remains a robot with a mop mode using a LIDAR laser telemeter, accelerometer and gyroscope whose information processed by a SLAM algorithm allows it to quickly build a map and to navigate in complex environments.

It has 12 sensors to avoid obstacles and drops, to go along walls, but also to warn you that a wheel is stuck, better handle carpets or signal that the dustbin is missing, etc…

Viaomi talks about a 30% increase in cleaning efficiency without telliong if it is an improvement for the current generation or compared to competitors in general.

Technically, the wheels are improved with Japanese KOSEN-NBR tires. Their elastic design would improve climbing ability (thresholds, carpet edges).

I didn’t detect anything else at the design level. There’s always only one side brush and the central brush appears identical.

Improved performance

Ever more powerful and closer to conventional vacuum cleaners, that’s what manufacturers are looking for.
The Viomi V3 increases the suction power. It peaks with 2600pa compared to 2100 on the previous generation Viomi V2 PRO. It is the best on the market.
The Nidec brushless motor, still made in Japan and silent, runs at 18000 rpm max.

Second point of improvement: autonomy. The battery increases in capacity with 4700mAh while the Viomi V2 PRO limits itself to 3200mAh, which is already acceptable. Enough to clean 250M² for 150 minutes max. If the robot runs out of battery, it recharges and continues where it left off.

Application/intelligence level, the Xiaomi Viomi V3 vacuum robot now advertises a floor management with a multi-card mode allowing to manage 5 maps. This is the point to be confirmed because floor management remains a challenge for robots, even the best ones.
The schedule allows you to specify the rooms to be cleaned. I doubt that he can however climb the stairs by himself ;-).

Always the best in washing

The second generation Viomi has an excellent mop mode and I recommend it for this use. The manufacturer delivers its vacuum cleaner with three tanks, one of which allows washing and vacuuming at the same time and another for washing only with 550 ml of water. It is thus able to mop a very large surface with this last tank.

The water is spread with three pressures in order to adapt the humidification according to the level of dirt on the floor. The pump is very precise on these Viomi. The movement mode in washing mode is type Y to reproduce a little bit the human motion. When returning to the base, the water diffusion is interrupted to avoid traces of water.

It also sterilizes

In addition to the microfiber type mop, the Viomi V3 allows the use of disposable mopping mops with the objective of limiting ground contamination.
It goes further in this sterilization logic by promoting a system as efficient as an air purifier.

Viomi claims to use copper and silver materials that have Germicidal properties. Bacteria and viruses are killed up to 99%. The air expelled by the vacuum cleaner is sterile, at the level of an air purifier.

Better but more expensive

The Viomi V3 arrives at the moment in the import shops at about 450€.

It is 115€ more than the Viomi V2 PRO which remains in catalogs and globally coherent compared to the competition as the Roborock S5 Max. It is up to you to see if the improvements justify this difference. On my side, only a test of this Viomi V3 would allow me to confirm the evolution of the navigation level//power and floor management.

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