TICWRIS GTS, a body thermometer in every smartwatch


Last week I discovered the LEMFO T1, an entry-level smartwatch that measures your body temperature. It turns out that this LEMFO model is already old and has exploited the current situation to put itself back on the spot.

While looking in Chinese import shops the alternatives on this type of “thermometer in a watch”, i discovered the TICWRIS GTS. It is a new model of Smartwatch with the same possibilities of body temperature measurement than the LEMFO T1 and seems to me to be better quality.

This new entry level smartwatch is pretty nice. It follows the curves of the Apple Watch or more recently the Amazfit GTS with a 1.3 inch color touch screen. The autonomy is honest, 5 days in use and 20 days in standby.

The TICWRIS GTS belongs to this series of first-rate smartwatch that can’t compete with products that sell for 4 to 30 times more but are more than just a gadget.

The functionality is even more complete than usual due to a body temperature sensor called thermistor.

In addition to this new generation sensor, the watch offers a heart rate sensor, a gravity sensor and a pedometer. There is the possibility to follow the pressure and the oxygenation rate of the blood. Of course to be taken with precautions because it is not a certified medical device.

A sports monitoring is integrated (walking, running, carpet, cycling, climbing and swimming).
The application indicated for driving is LinkTo Sport under ios and Android with the possibility of managing notifications.

Interested? check my links i Links found to buy the TICWRIS GTS

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