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Coronavirus, FFP2 protective and surgical masks available in Europe in … Chinese Warehouse


Following the Coronavirus protection mask scams that I see everywhere, I decided to relay what I found “less dishonest” online to give you a repository if you really want to buy some. Prices are starting to drop.

It is not a standard news for Planetroid here, but i expect this information would be usefull somehow.

The price of an FFP2 mask or equivalent

The best prices i found, actually thru GEARBEST which is a thrustable supplier.

Pack 10 N95 Masks equivalent FFP2 for 40€48 (4,04€ per mask), stock Germany/Gearbest/Port free.
Also available in lot of 4 Protective Masks N95 equivalent FFP2 at 24€84 (6,34 per mask) stock Germany/Gearbest/Port free of charge.

Because of their multi-material composition, only masks meeting the international standards FFP2 in Europe, {N95}} in the United States, {{KN95}} in China and {{KN94}} in Korea can filter VID-19 by taking the precautions of use.

FFP” stands for Filtering Facepiece Particles. Class 2 means that it stops at least 94% of an aerosol with an average diameter of 0.6 micron. It also has less than 8% leakage to the face.”
This is achieved by placing multiple layers of filters on top of each other.

Also Surgical Masks are available. These are interresting to protect the others

Pack of 50 Surgical Masks at 33€84 stock Germany/Gearbest/Free shipping.

Normally, depending on the brand, the prices of {{FFP2}} masks for protection against viruses with coronavirus were between 12.5 and 30€ max the box of 25. The surgical masks cost only a few cents. Needless to say, these prices are no longer valid! At best it’s four times more expensive so in Europe Delivery. In China import, the choice is huge but they will take too long to arrive or even be blocked.

The limits

-The proposed masks are initially intended for regions other than Europe. They announce references to standards other than our FFP2: N95 United States standard, KN95 China standard and KN94 Korea standard. They have filtration characteristics equivalent to the FFP2 but are not strictly the same.
-These are sold via the European warehouses (Germany) of the Chinese shops that usually sell us technological products. On our territory, all the masks are legitimately requisitioned.
-As this is a shipment from a European warehouse, the logistics should work well but in these troubled times, we have to be careful. Pay with Paypal to be reimbursed if necessary after litigation if the contract is not respected.
-The masks have a limited duration of effectiveness in the case. You must put them on and put them off carefully.

In any case, to protect yourself and others, you must stay at home and practice barrier gestures.

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